About the faceless company me


Don't Interrupt was created towards the end of 2019 and saw a big increase in users at the beginning of 2020 (I think we know why!). All of a sudden millions of people world-wide started working from home and Don't Interrupt came into it's own. The goal is to help you focus at work and to be calm outside of working hours.


Ollie Parsley
Creator / Founder / CEO / Big-Wig / Top Dog / Head Honcho

  • Using the app? I wrote all the code!
  • Created a support ticket? I answer all of them
  • Using the real-time chat support? I get pinged on my phone and respond to all messages
  • Feeling good about how your focus has improved at work? I helped with that!
  • Happier with your work/life balance? I had something to do with that!


Obviously these are fake