Stop wasting 2 hours per day with distractions and interruptions
Improve your efficiency with our automated integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams; automatically control your online presence with personalized status and availability settings, ensuring productivity and work/life harmony.

How we stop distractions

1. Set up your schedule once
Outside work
  • 07:00
  • 08:00
During work
  • 09:00
    Daily team briefing
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
    Business planning
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • 15:00
    Focus time - call prep
  • 16:00
    Client meeting
  • 17:00
Outside work
  • 18:00
  • 19:00
2. Configure your availability and status for different situations
preview Preview Enabling Appear Offline and Do Not Disturb on Microsoft Teams will show you as offline. When choosing Appear Online you'll only appear as online when you have Microsoft Teams or Slack open.
3. We continually update Slack and Teams for you


Working Hours
  • Link your
    Slack and/or
    Microsoft Teams accounts
  • Access dashboards on both
    Slack and
    Teams for quick changes
  • AI-powered chatbot to set your status*
*Plus and Pro plan required
  • Customize your availability by defining specific working hours
  • Adjust your working hours for different days for flexible schedules
  • Ensure a great work/life balance by going offline after hours
  • Be online with a status to show you're available at work
  • Link multiple
    Outlook and
    Zoom calendars
  • Show your colleagues you're in a meeting by setting a status
  • Works with ad-hoc or unscheduled Zoom meetings too
  • Choose to receive alerts on upcoming calendar events and overrides
  • Customize settings for public, private, focus time, and out of office
  • Turn on 'Do Not Disturb' during meetings so you can focus
  • Optionally put the meeting name in your status
  • Optionally set the first emoji from the event name as your status icon
  • Trigger specific statuses based on keywords in calendar event names
  • Automatically use "Lunch Break" status for events with "lunch"
  • Set Do Not Disturb for meetings containing specific keywords
  • See how your settings will look within
    Slack and
    Microsoft Teams
  • Quickly test and preview statuses in real-time before saving
  • Set custom status and availability to override calendar settings
  • Example: Enable Do Not Disturb mode with a status of “At hospital”
  • Manage overrides using the
    AI chat bot
  • Manage overrides using the
    Slack and
    Teams dashboards
Plus or Pro plan required for Overrides
  • Manage multiple schedules effortlessly - ideal for busy professionals
  • Each linked
    Slack and
    Teams account can have a separate schedule
  • Seamlessly switch between schedules
Pro plan required for multiple schedules

What our customers think

"As a hybrid, dynamic organisation that crosses multiple timezones and working patterns, Slack is the glue that holds us together. That glue can get unstuck quickly when your status doesn't match what you're actually doing, though! Don't Interrupt provides a solid foundation and the quick customisation I need when things change!"
Adam Wilson
Customer Success Manager
Secure Schools
"The closest product that I could find is called Don't Interrupt, where you can schedule work hours and it will display the status for hours outside of this time window. The app offers a great user experience if you need this kind of behavior."
Janez Čadež
Status Scheduler for Slack
"I can't think of any other piece of technology that brought me as much mental peace at work as Don't Interrupt. All my Slack notifications are silenced when I'm in a meeting and I can pay attention to what is being discussed."
Jairam Chandar
Engineering Manager

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Keep distractions at bay and boost your productivity. Start with a 14-day free trial for individuals and teams.
Yearly Save an extra 30%
Get started with the Basic Plan, offering fundamental tools to reduce interruptions and improve focus.
  • Up to 1 Slack/Teams account
  • Set your working hours
  • Sync 1 calendar
  • 1 calendar rule
  • Up to 3 phrases per rule
  • Remove status ad
  • Focus time calendar events
  • Out of office calendar events
  • Event notifications
  • Event overrides
  • Multiple schedules
  • Different schedules per account
Experience more powerful tools and ad-free usage with the Plus Plan, perfect for everyday productivity.
  • Up to 3 Slack/Teams accounts
  • Set your working hours
  • Sync up to 3 calendars
  • Up to 3 calendar rules
  • Up to 5 phrases per rule
  • Remove ads
  • Focus time calendar events
  • Out of Office calendar events
  • Event notifications
  • Event overrides
  • Multiple schedules
  • Different schedules per account
For those needing ultimate flexibility and customization, the Pro Plan offers extensive features and multiple schedules.
  • Up to 10 Slack/Teams accounts
  • Set your working hours
  • Sync up to 10 calendars
  • Up to 10 calendar rules
  • Up to 10 phrases per rule
  • Remove ads
  • Focus time calendar events
  • Out of Office calendar events
  • Event notifications
  • Event overrides
  • Multiple schedules
  • Different schedules per account

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently Don't Interrupt has deep integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. If your platform is not listed, please contact support to let us know.
Don't Interrupt offers a comprehensive 14-day free trial for all our upgraded features, allowing you ample time to explore and evaluate the app's full capabilities before any purchase, making refunds unnecessary.
Currently, we do not offer an affiliate program. However, we're always open to new opportunities—please contact support if you're interested in potential collaborations.
We take security seriously. So much so that we created a dedicated page about all our security practices, policies and procedures.
We have 2 types of subscriptions, users and teams. Teams allow you to have admins manage your team and upgrade to a number of seats, you can then choose which Don't Interrupt users within your team are upgraded.
Please contact support for personalised help and support, we're more than happy to help you.