Change Log

These are all the changes that we've made to our app.

Added support for Zoom
  • Set your slack status to busy when you're in a Zoom meeting
  • Login with your Zoom account to fetch meetings from you're calendar
  • Zoom doesn't have a concept of private or public meetings, so they are all treated as private.
Added tips and tricks for calendar events
  • You can add `{{name}}` to a calendar status text to add the meeting name to your statuses
  • In your calendar, add an emoji to the start of your meeting name and we'll use it in your status during the meeting
Twist support
  • Login with Twist
  • Snooze your notifications when you're unavailable
Github support
  • Login with Github
  • Set your status text and emoji if when you're out of the office or unavailable
  • Set yourself as busy automatically
Only update statuses when required
  • We heard your feedback and we sorted it out!
  • Only update statuses when required
  • Update your status and not worry about it being reset within 5 minutes
Ignore all-day or private events
  • Added an option for each calendar to ignore all-day events
  • Added an option for each calendar to ignore private events
Schedule name size change
  • Increase scheledule name max length to 80 characters
Set Slack status "until" correctly
  • When setting the out-of-hours Slack status, set the "until" time as the next working hours time
Outlook calendars
  • You can now add Outlook calendars as well as Google calendars