We stop you from being interrupted

When you're unavailable, in a meeting or outside of your working hours, we can set any of the following to happen automatically.
Do Not Disturb

Stop receiving notifications by snoozing them and updating your Do No Disturb settings.


Set your status with an emoji and some informative text explaining why can can't respond.

Appear Offline

Set yourself as away, basically looks as though you are offline so that other users won't contact you.

Microsoft Teams

How does it work?

Create a schedule

A schedule specified which days and hours you work in a typical working week.

You can then choose which actions you want to use. Away, Snooze and/or Status.

Screenshot of the schedule working hours panel
Screenshot of the dashboard calendars panel

Link calendars

You can also link to a calendar and set custom actions for each calendar.

Any time you are in a meeting/event we will set the Away, Snooze and/or Status.

Choose a schedule

You can choose which schedule you have active.

This is handy for if you are going on vacation or temporarily changing your working hours.

Screenshot of the dashboard identities panel